Smart Koala Learning System

Have lots of fun when learning with Smart Pen and unique books at a convenient time in a comfortable place!
Uniquely designed products together with Smart Pen develop reading, speaking, logic, singing, math, memory, artistic skills and much more.
Smart Koala system is designed to develop the talents of your child and nurture the love for development and learning. Smart Koala products enable your child to start learning from any age and level. The most important is the first step, we will do the rest of magic!

Innovative printing technology of encoded voiced information. Three icons on a page correspond to three languages of your choice. Touch one of the icons, then touch any image or text your see on a page and encoded information will be voiced out immediately!

One Smart Pen interacts with dozens of books for learning! Updates
and audio files for existing and new books are available on the site 24/7.

to work with
(turn on the pen
& start learning)

Various books
for different needs
(reading, mathematics,
logic, grammar etc.)

(every next book
gets more challenging)

Safe for eyes &
great for brains
(improves all important
communication skills)
Unique functions of Smart Pen
Smart Pen is a modern educational gadget that sounds information in different languages whenever the Pen touches the text or image in the book. A versatile tool embodies a multi-level approach that impacts a learner and stimulates learning through the game process. Smart Pen works with all Smart Koala books totally free. Updates and audio files with existing and new books are available on the site 24/7.
MP3 music player to download, record and listen to your favorite
songs and children stories.
Automatic switch off after a long pause.
Earphone jack so that your child can practice anywhere.
High quality speaker allows listen to clear audio files.
High-quality lithium batteries are easy to use, environmentally
friendly and economical.
I'm playing
very well
1. Turn on the Smart Pen
3 languages
in one book
2. Select a language
Let's check what
we've learn
3. Touch the page
a piano
das Klavier
el piano
4. Study everything you see
product advantages
Global multilingual approach
System based educational content of books
Ability to download new products in the Pen
Great value for money
Bright design and high quality illustrations
Safety and reliability, warranty from the manufacturer
International certification, high-quality materials
Engaging screenless educational toy
Ease of use for both children and adults
100% immersion in the world of learning since childhood