Smart Pen Pen system language
You can change the
language Smart Pen speaks
Reinstall the Pen system language by clicking on
Please watch the video instruction "How to install new Smart Pen system file".
Choose a new system language of your Smart Pen


1. Connect Smart Pen to your computer with the mini USB cable.

2. Find the Smart Pen disk that appears on your computer after connecting.

3. Press the right button of your computer mouse and select option "format" from the drop-down list. Format your Smart Pen memory.

WARNING! All previously downloaded files will disappear from Smart Pen. After installing the new Smart Pen language, you will need to download audio files for books again. Recommendation: save files from Smart Pen on your computer. You can upload all books' files and MP3 song back to your Pen memory after formatting.

4. Choose the new Smart Pen language from the suggested list above.

5. Click the download icon. Upload the file directly to your computer, not Smart Pen.

6. Unzip the downloaded file on your desktop. Find the icon "burntool" in the folder. Open it and start Smart Pen system update.

7. An APP will appear on the computer screen. Select Device0 and click Import. From the pop-up window, select the path to the folder with the downloaded files and the file with the language you need in the format .upd. Then select Device0 again and click Start. You will hear a sound, as if the pen is connected and disconnected to the computer. On the pop-ups, click either Ok or Cancel.

8. Disconnect the Pen and close the burntool application. It will ask if you want to close it, you need to close it.

9. Turn on the Pen and set up the book. Take the book and bring the pen to the START icon several times (about 10-15) fastly moving it away and bringing it closer so that the camera sees the code on the page. You need to calibrate the camera that is inside the Pen. If everything works out, you will hear a cheerful sound.

10. Then, again, click the On button. Since there are no books on the pen after reinstalling the language, you need to add them. Connect the Pen to the computer and drag the books into the book folder. Then turn on the Pen again, identify the book on the cover and work with it.