Choose and download free MP3 songs for your Smart Pen!

The song has an important teaching function - it teaches children conversational patterns, rhythms, rhymes and improves speech.
With a song, children express emotions. It is a pleasure and stimulates the creativity of the child. Download songs to the Smart Pen and learn fun!

1. In His hands
2. Good morning
3. Body parts
4. Clap your hands
5. Sing a song for me
6. Ready to get washed
7. Funny long song
8. Friends
9. Bluebird song
10. Clap your hands together
11. My rainbow colours
12. Song about my dog
13. More we get together
14. Little baby
15. My turtle song
16. Mr Sun
17. Bus
How to download MP3 songs and lyrics?
Connect your Smart Pen to your
computer using a mini USB cable.
Select a song that you like and click on the icon opposite.
Download MP3 songs to the MP3 folder in the Smart Pen.
To familiarize yourself with the words of the song, click the icon opposite.
You can save and print songs for your child.
Sing loud, learn fun!
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